Our Concept

Tea is a true gift from nature!
Hüttli tea was built around a passion for tea, an aspiration for simplicity, authenticity and a desire to share warm and friendly moments with all tea lovers.

About the name :
« Hüttli » is an affectionate term in Swiss German meaning “little house”, “little hut”.
A cozy place where you can comfortably enjoy a cup of tea.

About the founder :
Barbara’s passion for tea comes from her grandmother, who introduced her to  Parisian tearooms, teas from all around the wold and tasty infusions made out of plants, herbs and fruits. Her trops abroad, from Asia to Switzerland, her work, her initiatory meetings, her discoveries of tea cultures, Swiss mountain plants and sharing of knowledge with spécialists enriched her and developed her love for tea, for nature and for the simple things in life.
The project was born…

About our teas :
We choose our suppliers according to our quality standards. Our selection of natural teas and infusions are offered in loose form, with no artificial flavor or excessive packaging. Carefully handpicked, they are prepared and packaged by hand in our lab in France in the Paris region. We manually control the quality of our ingredients and make sure that each package contains the right proportions of ingredients (tea leaves, fruits and flowers). Each tea reveals flavors and a special atmosphere, pick one in our range and enjoy a tasty break!
Hüttli tea wishes you a delicious experience…