Our story

Because drinking tea or herbal tea is a daily source of pleasure.
Hüttli tea is built around passion for these aromatic drinks.
What characterizes our brand : Simplicity, authenticity, requirement on the choice of our suppliers and the quality of the plants for healthy and natural product

About the name :
« Hüttli » is an affectionate term in Swiss German meaning
“little house”, “little hut”. A cozy place where you can comfortably
enjoy a cup of tea.
A little nod from our founder to this country where she lived several years

About the founder :
Barbara, an eco-contractor, has lots of ideas, a strong taste for infused plants and an unconditional and respectful love for nature as a whole and long planned “Hüttli tea” project is born in 2017.
“Beyond the creation of the brand and the fact of challenging myself,  l have the will to work in accordance with my values of conviviality, exchanges and to engage myself to guarantee the manufacture of good products for the nature and the individuals. This is why our teas and infusions are organic, naturals and we give priority to small producers as much as possible in order to remain a human scale and preserve our planet and all its inhabitants”

Each tea, each infusion reveals flavors and a special atmosphere, pick one in our range and enjoy a tasty break!
Hüttli tea wishes you a delicious experience…