Bel hiver


“Comforting and beneficent”
When it’s cold outside, we look out the window and we say we want to stay warm to hibernate in peace. It’s good to curl up under a blanket and purr like a cat. Enjoy the infusion “Bel hiver” a fresh note will release your breath and you will feel a pleasant feeling of comfort thanks to its sweet taste and its enveloping aromas that will put your body and mind at rest while strengthening you to fight against the evils winter
12,00 euros / 100g of Organic mixture of plants & flowers to infuse


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Anisse (46%)*, linden flowers*, peppermint* (11%), rosehip*,
licorice root**, thyme*, eucalyptus*, mint (5%)*, star anise (4%)*,
marigold flowers*
*Resulting from organic farming
**Contains licorice, in case of hypertension avoid excessive consumption

95°c   –   4-6 min   –   1-2tsp/cup

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Weight 100 g