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Stress, fatigue, pollution, lack of exercice, sleep, unbalanced diet, weight gain, difficult digestion, muscle pain… Our body is exhausted.  In your Detox bag, you will find 3 detoxifying, purifyin and antioxidant blends for a healthy and fit body, a clear mind, serene and dynamic.
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Handy, 100% cotton, no toxic ink or components, your thematic bag contains 3 different blends. Carry it around and make a cup of tea wherever you go. All our ingredients are natural, no artificial flavours, prepared and packaged by hand in France.
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Golden detox :
Golden Detox is a nice, sweet and fruity tea. It countains pineapple, tumeric and Sencha green tea, powerfull antioxidants and stimulates digestion just like açai, superfood, which also accelerates the intestinal transit.

Chinese Sencha green tea*, nettle*, chamomile*, dandelion*, horsetail*, natural flavor*, elder flower*, rosemary*, thyme*, turmeric*, pineapple*, açai*, cornflower flower*
1-2 tsp/cup   7-10 min   95°C
*Resulting from organic farming

Beauty delight :
A tea with fruity scents. Enjoy the virtues of its ingredients : Chun mee green tea, green rooibos, dandelion, tulsi, Darjeeling green tea, white tea, nettle and blackberry leaf detoxifying, purifying and antioxidant. Ginger and Oolong will help remove fat and feel full. This drink is ideal to be thin, shape and pretty skin, not forgetting a healthy diet, light and a regular physical activity.

Chun Mee green tea (39%)*, green mate*, ginger*, nettle*, natural flavor, Pai Mu Tan white tea (4%), Chinese Oolong(3%)*, tulsi*, dandelion*, Darjeeling OP green tea (3%)*, green rooibos*, blackberry leaves*, rose petals*
1-2 tsp/cup   2-4 min   75-80°C
*Resulting from organic farming

Daily detox :
Nettle and wheat grass detoxifying, cleansing and diuretic, mint to reduce bloating, green tea Bancha antioxidant and little caffeine, moringa reduces physical and mental fatigue. And to relax, chamomille, valerian, lemon balm and St. john’s wort. A touch of coconut will soften and sweeten your slightly lemony herbal tea. To drink in the evening for its relaxing side but also during the day.

Nettle*, lemon balm*, chamomile*, moringa leaves*, mint*, Bancha green tea*, natural flavor*, coconut*, valerian*, marigold flowers*, wheatgrass*, mellow*, St John’s wort**
1-2 tsp/cup   7-10 min   85°C
*Resulting from organic farming
**Contains St John’s wort

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