Bag of 3 Slowly-Slowly teas


In your Slowly Slowly bag you will find 3 blends specially made  to relax you, allow you to slow down and enjoy a moment relax a cup of tea by hand. A good way to release the pressure, disconnect but also regain vitality.
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Handy, 100% cotton, no toxic ink or components, your thematic bag contains 3 different blends. Carry it around and make a cup of tea wherever you go. All our ingredients are natural, no artificial flavours, prepared and packaged by hand in France.
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Belle soirée :
Red fruits, mint and lemon balm for fresh and sweet brew. Tasty, it can be enjoyed both in the morning and in the evening or after a meal. The mint will help you digest, blackberry leaves, orange peel, elderberries and antioxidant cranberries, promote the elimination of toxins to purify the body. Lemon balm adds its relaxing sweetness.

Mint*, blackberry leaves*, orange peel*, natural flavour, lemon balm*, elderberries*, cranberries*
1-2 tsp/cup   7-10 min   95°C
*Resulting from organic farming

Coucher de soleil :
Relaxing thanks to verbena, lemon balm, valerian and hops flowers, this infusion is perfect for the evening. The Apple, orange peel, tulsi, lady’s mantle and savory will also help you purify your body and refuel with antioxidants. We calm down and regenerate ourselves…

Apple*, verbena*, lemon balm*, natural flavour, orange peel*, hops flowers*, tulsi*, marigold flowers*, lady’s mantlel*, valérian*, savory*
1-2tsp/cup   7-10 min   95°C
*Resulting from organic farming

Tea moon :
Relaxing and soothing thanks to valerian, lavender, marigold, tulsi and chamomile it countains, this herbal tea also promotes digestion with very aromatic lemon grass, black pepper, peppermint, immortal flowers and cardamom.

Apple*, lemon grass*, rose hip*, chamomile*, tulsi*, marigold*, black pepper*, peppermint*, lavander*, everlasting flowers*, cardamom*, valérian*
1-2tsp/cup   7-10 min   95°C
*Resulting from organic farming

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